How to start with Arduino ?

You are new to Arduino and don’t know which components to buy? You don’t know which Arduino kit to buy ?

We recommend this starter kit, which contains all the essential components to get you started.

Elegoo’s component kit is what a beginner needs to get started on Arduino. You have many components that will allow you to do the tutorials. You will learn little by little to make your own circuits, according to your needs. 

The advantage of this kit is that most of the basic components are supplied several times. This allows you to test your circuits and not to be bothered if you burn out a component. Especially for leds and resistors.

Moreover, many components of this pack will give you ideas to flesh out your projects. Indeed, there is a magnetic card reader, or even a digicode to create real passwords.

The kit that will present you is available on Amazon for only 66$!

The different components of the kit

The Arduino Mega board

In this kit, you have an Arduino board that will be the starting point of all your circuits. It is an Arduino Mega board. The advantage of this board is that it has more inputs and outputs than an ordinary board (70 inputs/outputs against 14 for an Uno board).

As a result, you will be able to connect more components to it, make larger circuits or have a larger program size than the Uno (256 kb for a Mega against 32 kb for a Uno).

The disadvantage of the Mega is that it is bigger than the Uno. It is therefore more difficult to install on a robot, for example.


The starter kit has a cd with tutorials to use each component. This tutorial booklet is composed of 33 lessons in 217 pages. You will be able to find them by clicking on the link and choosing the right kit: . This booklet is perfect for beginners. It starts with easy to handle components, and then gradually increases in difficulty.

The basic components of the kit

You will find, in this kit, all the essential components on Arduino:

  • leds of different colors,
  • push buttons
  • a stepper motor,
  • a DC motor,
  • resistors,
  • many connecting wires,
  • a battery to power your Arduino board on your robot
  • a breadboard to build your circuits without soldering your components
  • a power adapter to connect your Arduino board
  • and much more …

The most important components of the kit

In this kit, you have components that will allow you to make more sophisticated projects.

There is a distance sensor, which will allow you to measure distances for examples to move a robot without it taking walls or to measure a distance and display it on a lcd screen.

An ultrasonic sensor that will capture ambient noise to know if there is a lot of noise in a room, for example.

A remote control that will allow you to control your projects remotely. You will have to connect your Arduino board to the infrared sensor provided in the project.

  • Displays

You have several types of displays for Arduino provided in the pack. We can mention a small seven-segment display that allows you to display the time or the temperature. The pack also provides a lcd screen that can display all types of texts in 16×2 characters.


  • Display temperatures with dedicated sensors:

You can also make more elaborate circuits, using a digicode or a magnetic pass to make a lock doors for example.

You can also make more elaborate circuits, using a digicode or a magnetic pass to make a lock doors for example.

All the necessary codes and libraries are already included in the online booklet or on the provided CD.


This kit is ideal if you are just starting in electronics. It allows you to start slowly, while having enough components to improve your skills. You can also follow our tutorials to learn more about how to use your kit. Here is a tutorial on the push button that will allow you to start well on Arduino.

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