In this course we will show you different solutions to download Flowcode : the demo version with 30 days of free trying and the full version.

The demo version

The easiest way to try flowcode is to download the demo version. To download it you have to go to the website of Flowcode :

You will find this page :

You have to choose the free version. You can follow the setup of Flowcode:

Once the setup done, you can see this page on Flowcode. You have to activate the user license.

You have to click on 30 day unlock :

We create a Flowcode’s account:

After creating an account and activate it, you need to connect to it from Flowcode:

You can now try Flowcode:

As you can see the components dedicate to Arduino and raspberry pi are not available in the free version. To have it you need the full version.

The full version

The full version of Flowcode allow to use the software without constraint of time and libraries. Each libraries of components can be bought separately. Here is the link to buy Flowcode:

This is the table with the price of the different libraries of components:

Nevertheless if you don’t want to pay to simulate your circuit, we can show you alternatives.

Alternatives of Flowcode

If you want to use the full version of Flowcode without purchase it, we can show you  free alternatives software:

You have Tinkercad which is a free software of simulation of electronics circuit and really easy to use.

The second software is Fritzing. You can’t simulate circuit on this software but just build and test circuit on an arduino card. This is our course to know more about Fritzing.

This is the course to download it for free.