Arduino Uno R4 Minima and Wifi


The Arduino is an electronic prototyping platform widely used by hobbyists, students and professionals to create interactive projects. It’s a powerful, affordable tool that enables anyone, even those with no electronics experience, to bring their ideas to life.

A new model was released in 2023, the Arduino Uno R4, which brings new features to the previous version. The new version features a 32-bit microprocessor with more memory than previous generations.

Arduino Uno R4 features

Here is a table summarizing the features of the new Arduino Uno R4 :

Arduino UNO R4Features
Processor32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4
Memory256 kB Flash memory / 32 kB static memory
Operating voltage5V
Clock speed48 MHz
ProgrammingUSB C

Digital Pin: 14

PWM: 6

ADC: 6

DAC: 1 (12 bits)

SPI: 1


CAN: 1

Differences between the Arduino Uno R3 and R4?

There are major differences between the Arduino Uno R3 and R4 boards: greater memory and improved clock speed: 16 times more memory and three times faster clock speed for the UNO R4.
What’s more, the UNO R4 connects to your computer via USB-C, which is not the case with the Uno R3.

Nevertheless, there are certain features that are the same for both boards: the UNO R4 maintains the same pin configuration and 5 V operating voltage as the UNO R3, making it easy to migrate existing projects to the UNO R4.

All our courses on the site are Arduinon UNO R3 and R4 compatible!

Arduino Uno R4 Minima

Cost: €18

The Arduino Uno Minima is the board that most closely resembles the Arduino Uno R3. It features USB-C and a more powerful processor than the previous version.

What’s more, you get more memory for larger programs and even more complex projects.

Arduino Uno R4 Wifi

Cost: €25

The arduino Uno wifi is this year’s surprise board. In fact, there was no Arduino board with on-board Wifi without a Wifi module. This will boost the connectivity of your projects:

  • Wifi module

Enjoy perfect wireless connectivity with the Arduino UNO R4 WiFi, so you can dive into the world of IoT projects with ease.

Featuring the powerful ESP32-S3-MINI coprocessor, which boosts the capabilities of the RA4M1 microcontroller tenfold, the UNO R4 WiFi offers simplified Internet connectivity thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality with low power consumption.

  • LED matrix

Take advantage of the Arduino UNO R4 WiFi’s built-in 96-dot vibrating LED matrix, ideal for creative projects requiring animation or visualization of sensor data, without the need for additional hardware.